Posted by Rowan Coupland on Monday, July 5, 2010
i have been coping, or not coping, by either lying inside, dousing myself in water, or by not going out until much later. but it's still hot then.

after leaving the mountains went to venice for a couple of days, found it very expensive but as beautiful as it is always meant to be. then took a train to mirandola to play a show at a place called estivo,  but as it turned out i was to play at a pizzeria. i was unexpectedly joined in this by the 'by and by string band' of new orleans, who had also been at kuiperfest in spain. i expect to keep meeting these people for the next few years until jon bonfiglio makes another such event. i will carry on wearing the plastic flower that was shoved into my hair by danny the barman on the last night, til the unpromised day comes.

after the gig was driven by the promoter, stefano, to the house of samuele and met by a double bass at the door. 
also staying was the ian fays of san francisco, and afternoons were spent with gelato and lying out in the paddling pool, floating glasses of wine to each other and seeing how well guitars float (they float well until they take on water, but still it's hard to push them down far enough to be at a playable height). we stayed a few nights playing cards, having italian jams, eating good food (thanks samuele, thanks lena) and then the ian fays performed at massimo's restaurant/pub at a nearby town. it was great except i would've preferred the magnetic fields cover over the britney spears one. next time.

after samuele's i was to go to bologna for a house show, which altogether went pretty smoothly, perhaps because i resisted the urge to stand on the precipice of the balcony where i was playing (i did not want that potential piece of musical tragedy to end up on youtube). i scared a few pigeons and some people watched from the windows around the street. fico. the event happens from time to time in the apartment of salvatore and massi (odelay house), but this was the first one to use the neighbour's apartment, or to be outside. so there was added birdlife, and added danger.

i got shown around bologna and again attempted to embarrass myself with my lack of language skills. and now i leave to probably sleep in incredibly hot tents along the west coast. a la prossima...


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