Lucciole (fireflies/whores)

Posted by Rowan Coupland on Monday, June 28, 2010
Last night played a wonderful concert under the shadow of a mountain, with river noise, in the middle of nowhere (*nr Maniago, Italy), by the Mushroom Studio, a largeish farmhouse now a music recording and sleeping space, with a mixing desk once used by iron maiden.

I spent a good portion of saturday thinking something along the lines of "wow, mountains" from the bus and from the town and from the car and from the garden and from the balcony- really i am quite unused to them and they never fail to impress me. But I still managed to be impressed by a conjoined siamese black butterfly, and the two young cats at the mushroom studios who managed to sit so calm and then fight so frenziedly.

The concert itself was organised by Enrico (ciboselvatico) with immense food help from Roberta, expertise from Fabio and musical camarederie from Tizio (Bob Corn). The audience had driven from Maniago, although some had I think walked for hours to be there.... so when I attempted to make my escape after half an hour or so's playing i should not have been surprised to have been hauled back. I ran off into the woods and was suddenly met with lots of dancing lights- lucciole, or fireflies. and then was led back to perform a very hoarse encore, which i designed as the final song by planting myself face down in the ground, but no one was dissuaded so i performed a further few before really giving up in shakey italian. We watched the cats for a longer while and I tried to grasp some extra words, the moon was out and eventually we made our departure.

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