Posted by Rowan Coupland on Thursday, July 29, 2010
a while ago, i was going to write a blog about sicily and naples, and it was going to be called catnaps, or something. that has now disappeared into the past and i wonder at the continued wisdom of writing blogs. i have reached the final destination before the slow haul back to england, and writing about this seemed to be unnecessary. but, maybe as a kind of pre emptive summing up, here's some things that happened, in a list

- singing in catania on chairs but not tables because they were too wobbly, when the equipment broke, and having a good time of it. running off into the road and not getting run over nor shot by mafiosos

- poetry from giampaolo di pietro

- a move to siracusa, a plunge into the water by the cliffside and an exploration of a silent swishing cave with juan and evan

-driving across sicily with 3 parisians/nice ians listening to gainsbourg and brassens. and some hideous pop records, but hey.

 - motioning unthreateningly to gunwielding napoli policemen to see  if it was ok to enter the cathedral. it was.
- napoli pizza


-then found my way into germany and spent a wonderful week in munich with sandro and johanna and all the others and drank on steps of theatres in squares, and swam backwards (floating, really) down smaller rivers in the english garden, and then very ill advisedly mounted a mountain on not enough sleep, water, food, or german vocabulary. but managed it.
saw fee and stephen of great park fame twice, once by a river with a surprisingly quiet munich audience. i think water features help with this kind of thing.

then, berlin and all night clubs by the river, artisan squats with lsd casualties talking about 'community', parties on the roof of a shopping centre (via a carpark), a lovely gig in a bar i can't type the name of without better knowledge of this keyboard, meeting up with some brighton friends, continuing to speak italian in spite of everything, and watching hundreds attend outdoor free karaoke a propos of nothing. much switching between french german italian hungarian english and danish. and very little knowledge of most of those.
there's my summing up... szia!


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