the last day

Posted by Rowan Coupland on Thursday, August 12, 2010

well, it's been a blast; literally tens of people have read this travelblog, and now it will be retired and turn quietly into, probably, news about stuff.

but, til then, here's this one!

i have travelled in a big irregular circle to end up back in paris. met up with alice in berlin and we decided to hitch back to paris together. which was going particularly fantastically until we realised the problem with repeatedly taking lifts with very nice dutch people is that you eventually end up in holland; and not cologne as we had hoped.

another day spent sitting by service stations trying to perfect 'can i have a lift' in multiple languages eventually yielded the result of an arrival in brussels, to stay with jay, mentioned in the blog some months earlier. brussels began unpleasant and rainy but had some charm when all the lights went on and the statues of peeing children were illuminated by crowds of slightly bedraggled tourists wielding cameras. apparently peeing is a big thing in belgium.

abruptly the next morning i discovered alice and i might have somewhere to stay in paris til our train, if we could get there by 4 that afternoon. although trying to hitch to a deadline would've been dreadfully exciting it probably would also have resulted in multiple stress aneurisms; so we opted for a coach, and here we are...

there's probably some really great way of signing off this blog but it'd probably be cut off anyway by the time limit of the internet cafe. that has always been the way of it, and good things are seldom said in a rush anyway.

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