Reviews for 'Circuit'

“A very few records exist that one can describe as “magical”...the magic in Circuit, Rowan Coupland’s latest output, lies in a very subtle worldbuilding, a gentle transfiguration of reality...all his aesthetics feel now permanently fixated in songs that demand (and deserve) great attention, and this is Circuit’s great accomplishment: so far it’s Rowan’s best work”- For Folk’s Sake, UK

“a delicately-played plucked harp acting as a beautiful background for Rowan’s spacey, haunting vocals. This is pure, unbridled folk, lonely and lo-fi, with a simple palette of instruments and captivating singing...a beautiful set of tracks”- Discorder Magazine, Vancouver, CA

“Circuit is an ambitious suite (an accompanying book of illustrations by Vancouver-based artist Eva Dominelli expands upon and adds an extra interpretative layer of meta to Coupland’s concepts) that showcases Rowan Coupland at his best and most intelligent, both lyrically and musically. This is a most rewarding and impressive album” - Monolith Cocktail

African Paper Review (German)