Shuffle is project where I take a different form of music and study it for a week, every week for a year.

                           Has no manifesto- this is not a manifesto

                           Underused or unknown musical motifs or styles will be given sharp focus, each for a week at a time, everything from punk, thai luk                  

                                                                                thung, music of the soviet union and forty-nine other things.

                           Fearless stepping into and performing outside of comfort zone and comfort setlist, each week somewhere in Berlin or the world

                           Follow the progress online, twitter,  tumblr, facebook, all the suspicious social media outlets

                           Lend me your ears and also links to good songs/films/articles that fit the theme, via

                           Each month will also see limited edition handmade CD releases of  shufflesongs from the preceding weeks. 

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You might get told about tours and shows from time to time too, but you can tell me to leave it, at any time. 

thanks, Rowan

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