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Hey, hi, howdy, hallochen,
That’s right, I felt bad about not having written, so here’s what’s going on in my world of music.

I released a cassette tape in november last year, called ASBESTOS GHOSTS (with an accompanying zine), with neukölln’s own pestizid records. It is so under the radar that it is being co-opted by the american military as a useful weapon of war. get there before the pentagon, and listen/order your own (if you want)

I did some recordings with some good friends of mine on an as -yet-untitled project. If you are a record company bigwig, get in touch.—2016 should hopefully see me playing some shows in southern Italy (in april)I’d also like to play some weekends away, around germany or neighbouring countries. if you want to help bring me to your town/region, write me, i’m all ears.

and I made a mix. like a mixtape but on the internet. Listen here.

finally, if you are lucky enough to be a cold berliner, I’m playing at donau115 on sunday jan 10th.
Okay, thanks, g'b'w'ye

Rowan x

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Golly. There y'are, another year near gone. This year I mostly just injured myself and lost my voice and saw the inside of my throat and vocal cords on a camera. So I’ll just skip to the less dramatic end.


I left Berlin early following a whirl of zines, amazing amazing shows (Mdou Moctor/ Sir Richard Bishop/ Ghost Milk/ trashfest with Hobocombo and others), Took the night’s last ferris wheel near alexanderplatz to the top of the black and then back to the garish groundlights. We repeated this a few times, and then I was away.


I was in Belgium for 4 shows with Linus Vandewolken a.k.a. McCloud Zicmuse. It was a harp and hommel tour. Linus played hommel and was once also paid in hommel. No one got my memo abot being paid only in harps, but i did get to inspect a lovely orchestral one at the Grétry museum (also spotted by McCloud- Grétry’s heart in a box). Anyway, we climbed some stairs and investigated some charity shops and looked for marionettes. And we played some music.


In Paris I wrote a song in Lucie and Baptiste’s Bellevile apartment and got accosted by various people in the street, and got invited round for christmas dinner somewhere (not going to be there, unfortunately). Pop In was a rollicking concert featuring old friends and my attempts at spouting humour in french. Thanks, Pop In.


London- a reindeer trapped in my hair. Brighton, an afternoon spent in the cemetary. one gravestone reads “he will rise again”. One remnants of a pagan witching ceremony found. One houseconcert played with grand exclusivity, playing all the secret songs.


I arrive in Glasgow dishevelled with glitter on my face. I watch a bunch of twin peaks and 70s british ghost dramas with the esteemed little deer crazy blood. Saw some good bridges and some good dogs going for good walks as the light fades. Music is also played here.


E d i n b u r g h is rainy but welcoming. The show is subterranean mini cavernous and I hit a stool on the floor and sing some songs about things. Other people don’t hit stools but they’re really good anyway.

then I am thoroughly awed by Rhodri Davies’ harping in newcastle/gateshead and then…

Bristol features more chair thumping and I am somewhere in between sick and not sick, but my vocal cords give me the benefit of the doubt and decide to sing and stay awake anyway. that’s it. elspeth anne and aloysius rock the non stage. that’s really it.

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<p>on tour. deutschland.</p>

on tour. deutschland.

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Tour blog part two, or, the second bit

You left us, dear reader, just as we were preparing to go onstage at Rodgau’s ‘open stage’. I know everyone’s been vampirishly awaiting the next (and final) instalment, so here it is.

We managed to evade the labyrinth of greater Frankfurt’s transport network (‘these trains look just like Cologne’s’ says Julia, as she experiences geographical unease) and ride off into the sunset of a Dusseldorf that was preparing for carnival. Streamers hung from the ceiling, balloons popped randomly throughout soundcheck, the room packed out and there was a bit of screaming but eventually no drama.

I spent the greater part of Cologne Carnival hiding out in a house in the suburbs, occasionally looking out of the window to see bizarrely dressed families blowing hunting horns. As I stood on a deserted S bahn platform ready to leave I thought I had escaped with my life/sanity/sobriety intact but then huge hordes of Koln-ites suddenly emerged from nowhere, all Wickerman like, and I had the terrible feeling I would be soon strung up on a giant wicker Brezel.

(I wasn’t)

Essen= a show (a lovely one)

Hannover= a great playlist (old blues, john fahey, the fall), whiskey, and the knowledge that there was a near-miss of a support slot for Lydia Lunch. Turned down the chance to see her anyway, went to Hamburg, panicked, tried to requisition a lift back to hannover to see Lydia lunch, failed, drank a bottle of wine with Alice.

Hamburg= an impromptu set at Jupi bar got all growly and left me slamming out the door and standing outside the police station in the cold. Came back and a member of the audience told me, in german, that it sounded like a gay angel had gotten inside my head. A stray cat follows us home and then sounds anxious, we try to rescue her and bundle her into my harp case but she starts to pee and I’ve already had one harp case ruined that way, so we leave her to disappear off into the night.

Bremen= playing in a reconstituted bunker with the loveliest bunch of people. Atmosphere as warm as the stony deep environs of the bunker are cold. Hefty encore and all the tour stock of cds sold. Use a newfound stamp to stamp all my loyalty cards. Collapse into sleep. Guess that’s the end.

EPILOGUE- laika berlin Sunday march 9th at 16:00 sharp is the afterword or the finale. Post showers with fresh underwear. Yep. See you next tour blog around x

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Tour blog #should have done a tour blog before

Greetings from Rodgau. I write this from Open Stage, observing Julia from Entertainment from the Braindead soundchecking. So what happened? Many things happened, many of them quite repetitive, so I´m going to make this blog as boring and repetitive, and boring, and repetitive, and boring as possible.

THINGS (that happened)

- I climbed up a rock in Halle and then climbed back down again because I was worried about dying/ ending up in an unenviable medical situation. Then I walked up the steps round the side and observed a beautiful darkness by the river and heard the church bells chime 6 o clock against a wall of calling birds at dusk. 

-mature cheddar sandwiches at england england in dresden, proving that englisch kitsch can be good

-the cutest puppy ever, also in dresden. a slightlz embarrassed owner. or a slightly scared owner, fearful that julia and charlie and I were planning a dog heist.

-playing in a yurt in munich in which the soundcheck was mostly just napping (napping is a recurring theme)

-playing a chaotic beautiful strasbourg houseshow, a thinly veiled attempt to eat as much cheese and eclairs as possible (successful, i think). i ended up crashed out on a mattress at 4am full of wine and cheese. pierre crashed out under his grand piano (and knocked his head on it in the morning when he woke up).

-missing all the trains but through quirks of quantum catching all the trains. us in alternate universes  missed the trains instead.

- a wohnzimmer appearing out of thin air in rodgau. a lot of the concerts have been wohnzimmerkonzerts, so i guess it makes sense that the ones that aren´t should act like chameleons and assume the same colours

-a really excellent pumpkin chickpea and spinach soup in freiburg, following a weird church and tower trip uphill where we found an english telephone box next to a tangly tree

-also a lot of singing, falling down, getting up, singing again. bells falling off ankles and being reattached. dogs barking at other dogs or possibly asking for encores.

-a lot of really bad german from me but encouragingly so.

-thankye anke, chris, maxi, eike, emanuel and mirca, sandro, ingmar and daniel, pierre, simone, gudrun, stefan andddd marcel. and julia and charlie, naturlich. watch out for my 2nd, probably also uninteresting tour blog post! tschusssssi!


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<p>I’m going on tour, please visit a show if you can, or share around. <strong>Feb-March tour with Entertainment for the Braindead</strong></p>
<p>19.02 –England, England, Dresden**</p>

<p>20.02 – Odradek, Chemnitz**</p>

<p>21.02- Cafe Goldmund, Halle</p>

<p>22.02- Klienikum Hauskonzert, Ampfing*</p>

<p>23.02- Kulturjurte, Munchen*</p>

<p>25.02- Artjamming, Freiburg*</p>

<p>26.02- House concert, Strasbourg, FR*</p>

<p>27.02 – House concert, Karlsruhe*</p>

<p>28.02- Open Stage, Rodgau*</p>

<p>01.03- Brause, Düsseldorf*</p>

<p>02.03- Münster, tbc*</p>

<p>03.03- Wohnzimmerkonzert, Essen</p>

<p>04.03- Oberdeck, Hannover</p>

<p>05.03- Hamburg tbc</p>

<p>06.03- Hamburg tbc</p>

<p>07.03- Kultur Im Bunker- Bremen</p>

<p>08.03- tbc</p>

<p>09.03- Laika, Berlin –AFTERNOON SHOW*</p>
<p>**With Entertainment for the Braindead and Charlie Rayne</p>
<p>*With Entertainment for the Braindead</p>

I’m going on tour, please visit a show if you can, or share around. Feb-March tour with Entertainment for the Braindead

19.02 –England, England, Dresden**

20.02 – Odradek, Chemnitz**

21.02- Cafe Goldmund, Halle

22.02- Klienikum Hauskonzert, Ampfing*

23.02- Kulturjurte, Munchen*

25.02- Artjamming, Freiburg*

26.02- House concert, Strasbourg, FR*

27.02 – House concert, Karlsruhe*

28.02- Open Stage, Rodgau*

01.03- Brause, Düsseldorf*

02.03- Münster, tbc*

03.03- Wohnzimmerkonzert, Essen

04.03- Oberdeck, Hannover

05.03- Hamburg tbc

06.03- Hamburg tbc

07.03- Kultur Im Bunker- Bremen

08.03- tbc

09.03- Laika, Berlin –AFTERNOON SHOW*

**With Entertainment for the Braindead and Charlie Rayne

*With Entertainment for the Braindead

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Sometimes (or very often) I ride around the twisty trainlines of Berlin’s transport network. Not always underground, OK, but frequently darkened and hazy. Sometimes when I do this I, like many other people, have plastic buried deep into my ears playing sounds. I thought I’d write infrequent posts about the weird music which sometimes catches my ears as I try to ignore the clackling of trains passing over tracks.

#1- Lewis- L'Amour

Yesterday I was dog tired and I rode up to Wedding for a friend’s birthday. I selected L'amour by the mysterious, possibly Canadian, 80s songsmith ‘Lewis’. We don’t know who this guy is really, his records just turned up in a bargain bin in a record store in Calgary one time and that was it. Private pressing, no info.

He sounds like how a private detective would sound in an 80s very-early morning-as-late-at-night kids tv show about an anthropomorphic tin can. The tin can would be slightly mournful looking and would also be heartbroken but have come to terms with this in quite a proud way. He would play warbly synths and be surrounded by crackle. Guitars murmur and play delicate melodies, pianos and keyboards nod in agreement.

Listening to this on the u bahn in a state of sleep deprivation was good. Even as I waited at Boddinstrasse for the U8 to arrive, Lewis was intoning 'we’ll catch a train…. someplace nice’ with a lot of hope in his voice. I got on and did some people watching- other MP3-ers are staring intently at the blackness out of the windows (or maybe catching reflections and actually observing the people in the carriage, as I am). One woman puts an elaborate fur coat on the seat and stands next to it as a guard. Lewis sings “I’d like to see you again….”

The music is making me feel rather out of time and out of joint with my surroundings. At kottbusser tor everyone suddenly gets up to go, as if they have formed a conspiracy during the last few stops and have, acting perfectly naturally, all followed the signal to depart the vehicle as if they don’t know each other. The train continues.

Near my last stop a man gets on, dumping his sleeping bag, various travel receptacles, and a carton of chocolate milk on the floor. He starts to put the sleeping bag inside a large paper bag and proceeds to knock over his chocolate milk. Lewis sings “can’t take my eyes off you”

The chocolate milk runs backwards and forwards with the whims of the Ubahn’s interior gravity and the man kicks his rucksack away from the stream. The U bahn grinds to a halt with a lingering synth and the beverage ripples with the music. I get off. Apparently at the wrong stop but the record is over, anyway.

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year passing= some music that was heard/experienced

a year of some music

hi, well, why not?

this is some stuff i loved that might be by bigshot famous people or might be by you. no order, i think.



frozy appeared in the berlin summer as if by magic. i remember thinking, some time ago, how much i liked beat happening and how it was a shame no one was making music like that no more. and frozy don’t sound like beat happening but anyway i enjoy both and they are a pan-global surf rock patterrock masterpiece of a band.

Oh I’m going to be rude and link to the song I heard frozy play, but which their offshoot, palomica recorded. Because it’s a brilliant song and because the frozy album I know has been taken offline, probably cause they’re going to release it on vinyl or summat


lord magpie and the prince of cats

in james and joe’s studio hosuegig, they spluttered through the most awesome jagged languid goth rock adventure of spindly guitars rolling bass clattered drums and chokes of vampire lyrics. i can’t remember if i sang backing vocals or not. i may have danced in the shower at one point, suspended halfway up the wall.

richard dawson

richard dawson is a singer with an unexpected falsetto and the gnarliest of guitar sounds. a folksinger playing classic rock riffs and hollering his way through acapella ballads about abused horses. also sang the most beautiful version of the traditional (via shirley collins) ‘geordie’. he also might as well be a stand up comedian and at some point during the set ate most of a bunch of flowers which he produced from somewhere about his person.

colin stetson

in hopefully not the only time i will ever make it into berghain, this man, doing a good impression of a marine brass band member in some kind of utopian futureworld, breathed through an hour’s worth of ecstatic saxophone wall of sound, but far more impressively than spector, achieves it with just himself and no electronic trickery (no loop pedals neither).

it’s: the most fantastic thing you could ever hear

-          probably enjoyable for people who would otherwise hate the idea of listening to a solo saxophonist (i.e. it is not jazz and sounds nothing like it)




i saw this band just a week ago and they have cute simple songs that are also witty and wise with subtly great melodies. vocal interplay is a plus and their bandcamp is split based on who wrote the songs.

ok vancouver ok

despite living in vancouver for a bit and obsessing over weird indie rock and stuff like the microphones, i somehow managed to miss this band. man/woman married couple, guitar sings and drums. yelped vocals as if the microphone is constantly being torn away from the singer. intense friendly hugs. lyrics like

“a lot of people have asked me how i… make money

no one has ever asked me how i make love’

catchy and weird and manic and great

Le Ton Mité

I’d heard this band/project used to play bassoon for the microphones/mt eerie, so i was in. One guy from Brussels via the States, singing in english, french and (a slightly garbled) catalan. Home made instruments as accompaniment for songs about goinnnnnng to the store…… to buy some…. vege-tables. (cue singalong), much rocking out, and the best solo flute dance you ever saw.

this is some of the brilliant adept music he makes on recordings

and this is an example of the chaos that ensues during a liveshow


I love this song

and I listened to a lot of this band, until my spotify died (probably I should escape spotify in any case)

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accidental delayed tourblog

It’s been roundabout a week in the UK so far. So,  time for a best-of reel (in my mind).
Palomica and animal magic tricks kicking it big time in the bom banes basement. Katie’s cat peeing on my now-retired harp case. That was really an acceleration of the deterioration of the harp case.

Rediscovering that lord magpie ( and the prince of cats) are my favourite band ever; dancing in the raised shower for their final song then climbing out onto the roof amid a lot of freshly broken glass.

Going on the radio; trying not to knock all the mics over or say anything inappropriate ( with success!)

Oxford saw in some street crazies, street accordionists, tofu soup and a bookshop gig, recalling other bookshop gigs of the past but with actual people this time. Loss of harp keys resulted in frantic west country searches, panics and everntual resolution, just like the best Hollywood scripts about harp tuning key loss. I bought a drum key anyway, It’s basically the same.

Next up, everywhere else ( Manchester Newcastle Edinburgh Glasgow Durham reading London, come says hi)

-yes i put this up late. now more blogs to write. they’ll happen

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Hello, am I updating this again? Maybe.

So I’m beginning a series of gigs around england and scotland, details here

First day found me arriving sleepy and heavy-footed into brighton and being accosted by a woman about the state of roadworks on Trafalgar Street. The fenced off pavements made pedestrians an easy target for seagulls, she said, “just like the communists fighting the nazis in siberia”. I am glad to temporarily be in a country where i can fully understand the incomprehensible. I thought of telling her that I lived in Germany, or that I had Siberian friends, but she was happy enough to tell me about how Germany were a kind of world policeman. Sorry, America.

more reportages from the streets in the days and weeks to come. and gigs, also.

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