I T A L I A N O                                                                                                                     D E U T S C H                                                                                      F R A N C A I S

Rowan Coupland is a writer/singer/multi instrumentalist whose work focuses on the depths of situations, real and imagined. Touring across Europe and living and performing in Brighton, Paris and Vancouver, he is a musician who rarely settles, producing bedroom symphonies of accordion, clarinet, voice, piano, guitars electric and nylon, ukulele, violin, keyboard, glockenspiel, percussion and harp. His live shows see him raise his choir-ready voice over all kinds of weird territory- from growls, full blooded screams, to traditional english folksongs and american spirituals. Shows have been notable for incorporating his own choir (made up of Willkommen collective members) or for performing concerts entirely of duets. Touring solo he shifts around the stage enacting an angry troubadour, abruptly shifting between instruments, registers, humour and theatrics and very bare emotions.

As part of the Willkommen collective, Rowan has toured with Mumford and Sons, performed at the Big Chill, End of the Road and Brighton festivals, been showcased at the Union Chapel in London and shared stages with Anna Calvi, Vetiver, Mount Eerie (the Microphones), Damien Jurado, Viking Moses, Diane Cluck, Sleeping States, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Castanets, Peter and the Wolf, and many more. His first CD, 'Thorns, brambles, white water and Black Oak' was released on Willkommen records in 2010, and was then toured across the UK.

Aside from his solo work, Rowan spent 2 years playing with Brighton's acclaimed Sons of Noel and Adrian, performed with the exceptional folk singer Mary Hampton, and founded the renaissance madrigal group Garland Hearse, before relocating to Vancouver and beginning to perform Balinese gamelan in the Gita Asmara orchestra. He is now a resident of Berlin.

photo by Peter Williams